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About You

Which of the following most closely resembles your title?

How many full-time employees does your company have?

How many roles did your company fill last year?

What is your company’s primary industry?

What countries or global regions does your recruitment team serve? Select all that apply.

Talent Trends

How do you expect the current U.S. Administration’s proposed policies will affect talent acquisition?

Since you answered that “the current Administration will make talent acquisition more difficult,” what will make it so? Select all that apply.

In your opinion, what is/are the biggest hurdle(s) to hiring a best-in-class workforce? Select all that apply.

Talent Acquisition in Your Organization

Choose the departments that have a C-level executive in your company. Select all that apply.

What is your company’s decision-making process for talent acquisition technology solutions? Select the choice closest to your situation.

On a scale of 0 to 10, how well do you feel the talent acquisition team’s objectives align with the needs of hiring managers?

What, if anything, is preventing your talent acquisition team’s mission and methods from being more aligned with the needs of hiring managers? Select all that apply.

Talent Acquisition Technology Today

Please rate each of the following measures in their ability to help the talent acquisition team best meet the needs of your organization.

Aligning talent acquisition strategies to business strategies

Proactive workforce planning

Proactive sourcing candidates for critical positions

Creating more effective job descriptions

Building sustainable talent pipelines

Marketing your employer brand

Managing diversity hiring objectives

Improving candidate experience

Screening top of funnel candidates

Assessing candidates’ skills and fit

Interview process management

Managing candidate feedback from interviews

Using talent acquisition technologies for the entire hiring process

Using analytics to measure and improve talent acquisition

Choose the talent acquisition tools you currently have or utilize. Select all that apply.

What have been the most innovative tools you have implemented in the last two years? Select up to three.

Please select no more than three.

What have been the least effective tools? Select up to three.

Please select no more than three.

How long does it take from identifying a talent acquisition need to launching (implementing) a talent acquisition technology solution?

When introducing new talent acquisition solutions to your organization, what barriers exist to purchasing and implementing new tools? Select all that apply.

How many of your talent acquisition technology solutions are fully integrated?

What is impeding your company’s ability to integrate talent acquisition technology solutions? Select all that apply.

Would you select a best-of-breed tool if it is not initially a combined/integrated solution?

Please explain what, if anything is missing from your current talent acquisition solution tools.

How do you measure the performance/success of your talent acquisition solutions? Select all that apply.

Do you measure how talent acquisition directly impacts company revenue?

Talent Acquisition Technology Tomorrow

Overall, what one area do you believe will experience the most growth in technology in the next 1-2 years?

What one area do you believe would improve the most by better alignment among the C-suite, the hiring manager and the talent acquisition team?

In the next 1-2 years, what role in your organization do you believe will most increase in prominence?

In the next 1-2 years, as non-employee (contingent, contract or freelancer) workforce solutions continue to rise, do you anticipate talent acquisition’s role in securing non-employee talent will increase?

You answered ‘yes’ to the previous question indicating that you think talent acquisition will evolve to handle more non-employee talent. Please briefly explain your answer.

You answered ‘no’ to the previous question indicating that you think talent acquisition involvement will decrease or remain the same. Please briefly explain your answer.

Please rate how you would value the following offerings:

Concise reporting on what technologies are emerging in the world of talent acquisition

Independent alerts of new technologies that are applicable to your use cases and needs

Emerging vendor rankings in talent acquisition technology spanning from sourcing to onboarding

Independent reporting of case studies of technical implementations

Workshops on operationalizing innovation in your organization

Independently conducted "demo days" of emerging talent acquisition technologies relevant to your needs

Optional: In order to receive a free copy of the report when it’s complete, please provide your contact information including your name, company and email address.

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